Get A Job! - Workshop Camp PAFERE 2015

Get A Job! - Workshop Camp PAFERE 2015



Registration ended 2015-07-31 19:00

850.00 zł


Description of the event

The camp for those who seek more knowledge and expect more in life.

1. The camp is the combination of theoretical knowledge (economics) and practical skills (tools and conditions of the labour market).
2. The camp is dedicated for students of senior years (5-10 semester) with good command of English (some part of the training will take place in English).
3. The event is strongly exclusive - we plan the event for approx. 15 participants.
4. To qualify for the camp is due to an English test conducted by phone.
5. The fee of 850 PLN is to be paid after having been qualified for the camp - in mid August 2015.
6. We are still working how to engage a partner to cover some costs and lower the fee or to propose for chosen participatns a practice in a well recognized company in Opolskie.
7. If it turns out that upon independent causes we are forced to cancel the event we will announce this BEFORE you pay anything to us.

Date and place

Start: 2015-09-06 18:00
End: 2015-09-12 12:00

"OW Kormoran", Jez. Turawskie, 46-045 Turawa

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